Episode Description Analysis

Producing episodes is hard work, and creating the right descriptions can be even more challenging. Sounder Plus does some of the thinking for you with AI-generated keyword analysis based on your episode’s content.

Log in to Sounder and select the podcast you want to manage.

  1. Go to Episodes and select the episode you want to manage
  2. Scroll down to the Episode Description and enter or edit the description
  3. Look for the status icon in the lower right corner of the box.

  4. When the episode transcription has finished, and you’ve entered the episode description, the link mouseover will change to “We Have Suggestions”

  5. Click and follow the link to the keyword suggestions that Sounder transcription’s technology pulled from your podcast. 
  6. Use the list to update the Episode Description
    - Sounder Basic Creators will see a limited set of keywords.
    - Sounder Plus creators will see the entire set of keywords, as well as which keywords are already in the description.

The right keywords in the description will improve SEO performance by making it easier for your target audience to find your content.  Try it!

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