How do I customize the Sounder Player themes and colors?

Let your podcast’s personality shine by customizing the design of your Sounder Player.


  • Basic users can choose from three themes:  Sounder Classic, Daylight, and Midnight.  
  • Sounder Plus and Enterprise subscribers can choose from the Basic themes plus 10 more predefined themes.

Customizing colors

Sounder Plus users can personalize the overall visual experience for all their listeners using the controls in the app.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Customize in the menu
  • Select "Customize Sounder Player"
  • Choose a predefined Theme or a Plus Theme depending on your subscription level
    • Primary Color:  The primary color controls the dominant aspects of the Sounder Player, mainly the top and bottom areas.
    • Secondary Color:  The secondary color controls the center pane of the Sounder Player when it is expanded.
    • Accent Color:  The accent color controls buttons such as the volume and progress bar.
  • Use the "Custom Colors" section to personalize the primary, secondary or accent colors.  All three colors accept HEX codes for precise color matching.

Additional Sounder Plus options include the ability to toggle on/off:

  • Sounder Branding
  • Ads
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