Transcription Editor Keywords

Since Sounder's first launch of the transcription editor, the biggest piece of feedback we've received is that the largest source of transcript errors comes from things such as people's names, locations, brands, and other keywords. Think of real-life names, products/services, or dialect/slang that would be hard to get right without any further help. These are often difficult for a machine-generated transcript to detect and properly spell, but way easier for the creator producing the content to correct.

Sounder is excited to announce: Transcription Editor Keywords!

As an example seen above, you see "Dan Daughery" but you wanted to correct that to "Dan Daugherty" (this just happens to be the name of our awesome co-founder & COO). If you correct it once through the editor, we'll be able to update it through the rest of the episode saving you time! Just click on a keyword you see on the right-hand list and correct it as you see fit. You can also (re)categorize the keyword based on a few initial categories we've launched with. This helps improve our Machine Learning technology as well as better surface your content for Audio SEO purposes across the web.

We love listening to our community and building improvements to our platform based on that. We're in this together and we can't wait to hear from you about what we should focus on next. More improvements will be coming to the editor overall and keyword analysis so we're eager to hear from you on how this release is working for you.

Happy editing! ✌️

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