Getting Started on Sounder: Create a Podcast From Scratch

          Get started by creating your podcast. It's easy and quick!

          Welcome to Sounder!  If you want to create a podcast, you're in the right place. 

          There are three steps to publishing your podcast:

          1. Create a Sounder account
          2. Create a Podcast (also called a show)
          3. Create an Episode
          Step 1: Create a Sounder Account

          This step is super simple:

          1. Go to
          2. Enter your Name, email address, and a password
          3. Click "Register". 
          4. You're in!

          Note: If you already created an account, you should login instead

          You'll need to verify your email address, but you can do it later.  We'll remind you in the app as well.

          Step 2: Create a Podcast

          Now comes the fun part.  Before you start, have these four (4) things ready:

          • Artwork, in the form of a graphics file (.jpeg or .png) that is square and 3000x3000 pixels 
          • Title - what do you want to call your podcast?
          • Podcast Description
          • Podcast category (up to 3)

          1. When you're ready, click on the beautiful card "Create a podcast"

          2. Enter in the required fields: 

          • Add your Artwork, enter the Title and Podcast Description, and then set at least one Podcast Category
          • There are other required fields, but we default them based on your account information. Change them now if desired.

          3.  Enter in optional fields 

          • Enter them later if you don't have the information or are not sure.

          4.  Save.  That's it!  

          • Your show's RSS feed has been created, but most platforms won't accept it until you have at least one episode.

          Almost there, keep going and add your first episode now!

          Step 3: Create an Episode

           Just like you did for creating the podcast, prepare by getting these three (3) things ready:

          • Audio File - The max file size is 2GB.  You can upload almost any format, and we'll convert it for you.  WAV files get big quickly, so we suggest saving it as .MP3 at a bit rate of 128kbps. That is still excellent quality and much smaller file size.  
          • Episode Title - What do you want to call this episode?  You don't have to put the episode number in the title, but it may help listeners remember your show and come back to it.
          • Episode Description - Explain to your listeners more about the episode.  Don't forget to add links to websites, social media platforms, other sites that relate to the episode, your guest or topic, and you!

          With this information on hand, get started:

          1.  If you've just finished creating the podcast, you'll get a "Congratulations" pop-up.  Click on the button to add your first episode:

          If you skipped this step, open the podcast (using the Manage Podcast button), then click on the "Add a new Episode" button in the top right corner of the screen.

          2.  Add the minimum required information to publish your episode:

          • Upload the audio file.  Drag and drop it into the box, or search for the file and add it.
          • Add the Episode Title and Description, which are required, and that's it!  You're ready to publish!   
          • There are other options which you can set if you wish:
            • Episode Type - Full the default, but you can also choose Trailer.
            • Episode Number - Enter the episode number to add it to the RSS feed, or leave blank.  The order in which your episode appears derives from the Podcast Type, which is one of the options under the podcast.  Episodic is the default, which makes the most recent episode appear at the top of your feed on listening platforms.
            • Episode Artwork - if you want the artwork for the episode to be different than what you have for the podcast, upload that graphics file here.
            • Scheduling (for Sounder Plus subscribers) - check out Sounder Plus if you want to work ahead and schedule episodes to publish in the future.
            • Monetization - if you've opted into Monetization, choose whether to auto-insert pre- and post-roll ads into your show.  You can configure your ad breaks later as well.
            • More Options
              • edit the Episode URL
              • add an Episode Summary (plain text only)
              • set the Content Rating (for Explicit content)
              • add RSS Feed Keywords to help with SEO and discovery
              • change the Episode Author

              change where you want your Episode link to go.  The default is to the episode page (makes sense, right?), but you have other options

          3.  Publish your episode

          Publishing options include:

          • Publish Now - Use this option when you are ready to publish this episode to the RSS feed and listening apps immediately.  It will take about a minute for the feed to update.
          • Schedule  - For Sounder Plus subscribers, use the date picker to select the date/time you want the episode published in the future.
          • Save Draft  - Use this option when you need more time before publishing the episode to the RSS feed.  If you save a Published episode as Draft, it will remove it from the RSS feed, and you can re-publish it later.
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