FAQs - Sounder Hosting & Ad Platform Sunset

      Sunsetting FAQs

      Why is Sounder sunsetting the podcast hosting platform?

      When we first launched Sounder in 2019, we focused on ensuring audio creators of all sizes could grow their podcast listeners and revenues. After having hundreds of conversations with industry stakeholders, it’s clear that accessing actionable data and insights required to make business decisions and transactions is a real challenge. So, as we recently announced, we’re shifting our focus to solely build data solutions for audio.

      That means we’ve decided to shut down the Sounder hosting platform on January 31, 2023. All advertising solutions will stop operating a month earlier, on December 31, 2022.

      Will I lose the podcast episodes that I have put on Sounder?

      No. As long as you migrate your show to a new platform by January 31, 2023, your content will be intact, including show descriptions and audio. To learn more about how to migrate your content to a new platform, please click here

      Will my podcast be unavailable to listeners during my transition to a new platform?

      No, as far as your listeners are concerned, they will not know anything has changed. Your show will be available immediately once you migrate hosts, but you should check with your new provider to see if they have suggestions for a time to move in case there are any problems on their end.

      What happens to my analytics when I move? Will they start over?

      Your historical numbers will not change, but you must download an “all-time” data export to save relevant metrics around your podcast(s). Please refer to the "download" section of this help article for the steps to follow. Please note that data from Sounder will not appear in your new host’s analytics dashboard. Your data from Sounder will live in the CSV file provided after your export your “all-time” data.

      I have Sounder Plus. What happens to my plan? Will I be refunded?

      For all creators using Sounder Plus—whether you are on an annual or monthly plan—your subscription will be automatically canceled on November 7, 2022 and issued a pro-rated refund. You will maintain access to Sounder Plus until the platform shuts down on January 31, 2023.

      Am I able to import or create new podcasts?

      If you were planning to launch a new podcast, you will be able to create and import feeds up until November 30, 2022. That said, we recommend starting new podcasts on a new hosting platform for greater analytics and workflow simplicity.

      Will I still be able to create episodes?

      Yes, if you already have an account, you will still be able to add episodes to your podcast(s) until the platform sunsets on January 31, 2023.  However, we recommend that you migrate to a new hosting platform before then.

      What do I do if I am not currently producing my podcast but want it to stay up? 

      You will still need to move the podcast to a new platform for the podcast to stay active on all podcast players. If you do not take any action, you will lose your RSS feed and content. To learn more about migrating your RSS feed to a new platform, click here.

      Will I receive the money from advertising that I have earned on Sounder?

      Yes. The final Stripe payouts for programmatic advertising will be sent on January 15th, 2023, for everything that ran in December. If you have not already done so, please ensure your Stripe account is connected and that Stripe does not need any additional information from you.

      Will someone from Sounder help me with my move?

      We are providing you with everything you need to make the transition and will be here if you have questions. Your new hosting provider will also be there to help make sure your transition is smooth.

      Can you recommend another hosting platform to use?

      While not an exhaustive list, here are several options for a new hosting provider.

      Note, for any new host, you'll need your RSS feed url. here's how to find it in Sounder.  

      What happens to our YouTube videos from Sounder? Will they still be up?

      Any videos that have already been uploaded to YouTube will remain there after you migrate hosts, and they are accessible on the Sounder platform until January 31, 2023. You will be able to upload new videos automatically or manually, but the service will no longer be actively supported.  The Automatic Distribution to YouTube help article has more information about steps you can take to troubleshoot issues.

      How do I download videobites?

      To download your videobites, please follow these steps:

      • Copy the title of the videobite
      • Click on the Download button for the videobite under the Actions column in Sounder.
      • Pause the video
      • Right Click on the video
      • Select Download Video As (Safari) or Select Save Video As (Chrome)
      • Paste the videobite name into the Save As field
      • (Optional: select the folder where you want to save it)
      • Click Save

      Will the Sounder player still work on our website?

      Yes, until the platform sunsets on January 31, 2023.  RSS feed redirection does not affect the embed player as long as your account is not deleted.  However, audience analytics through the embed player will not be visible for their new hosting provider.  Once the platform goes offline, the Sounder player will no longer work. When you migrate to a new host, you will get a new player and they will provide instructions for changing the player on your website.  

      What happens to our Sounder podcast and episode webpages?

      Like your player, your podcast and episode webpages will no longer be active once the platform shuts down after January 31, 2023. Depending on which new hosting provider you choose, you will get a new webpage.

      Will moving affect my show’s chart rankings?

      In most cases, no.  The way your new hosting platform collects podcast analytics data may be different than Sounder, so the Streams (downloads) and Listener data on your new host may vary. With a 301 redirect in place, however, you won't lose steams and listeners.

      When will monetization be turned off?

      Monetization will be turned off on December 31, 2022. Once you move your podcast to a new provider, your monetization from Sounder will be turned off, and you will receive all monies earned up to that point. The final payout will be on January 15, 2023.

      Will I lose any of my Subscribers on Apple Podcasts and others?

      No, once you set up the 301 redirect with your new hosting provider, all of the podcast directories will pick up the new hosting RSS feed and your subscribers won’t be affected.

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