Sounder Transcription with Self-Service API

What is Sounder Transcription

Sounder Transcription is an api-based solution that gives you accurate, AI-powered transcription with seamless integration.

  • We use ML/AI models trained on podcasts and developed specifically for podcasting to turn an audio file into a well-formatted text document.
  • Seamless API integration with your existing workflows.
  • Includes speaker identification, timestamps, and easy-to-read formatting.

What are the benefits of Sounder Transcription?

  • Highly accurate*. We have spent years fine-tuning our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to optimize the complicated world of podcasts for cost, quality, and speed
  • Low-cost
  • Multiple formats available: Plain Text, Paragraph formatted, JSON, VTT, and Diarized (alpha)
  • Low-effort API integration
  • Accessibility for hearing-impaired listeners; helps you meet 508 & WCAG compliance requirements
  • Improves podcast discoverability with SEO
  • Create enhanced user engagement with interactive transcripts.
  • This is just the beginning. Soon we'll offer industry-leading Brand Safety & Suitability, Contextual Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Chaptering, with more services to come!

*Results may vary. Accuracy depends on many factors, including, but not limited to: audio quality, the number of speakers speaking at one time, dialect, and use of jargon or specialized vocabulary.

What languages can you transcribe?

  • English and Spanish

How do I sign up?

To get access to the Self-Service API, go to our sign up page to register.

Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email address, and then create a password. Then you're in!

How do I get my API Key?

Once you've registered, you need to enter a valid Payment Method in order to generate an API key.

How does the pricing work?

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • Currently, it is $0.25 for the first hour of an episode, and then $0.25/hour prorated. For example:
    • $0.25 per episode for 60 minutes or less.
    • $0.38 for a 90-minute episode:
      • $0.25 for the first 60 minutes, plus
      • $0.13 for the remaining 30 minutes of the episode ( 30 / 60 x $0.25/hour)
    • $1 for a four-hour episode.

How am I billed?

  • You will be billed monthly at the end of the month for all processing
  • The minimum billing amount is $???????

Is my credit card safe?

Absolutely. We use Stripe to manage credit card payments, so we never store or have full access to your credit card information. More information about Stripe's extensive, best-in-class security protocols is here.

Interested in more than just transcription and/or Enterprise pricing?

You can access all of Sounder's services, including transcription, with our Enterprise ADC API

  • Contact us for custom pricing and to learn more about our Enterprise solutions.

Are other services besides Transcription available through the API?

Not yet, but this is the first of many services that we plan to roll out in the weeks and months ahead. See our blog post for more information about where we're headed.

How do I get help?

Step 1

Select the Help menu under your avatar in the upper-right corner of the app

Step 2

Select the type of issue you're having. Options include:

  • Technical issue
    • Help with system errors and password resets
  • Question about the app
    • Not sure how to do something? Let us know, we're here to help.
  • Question about the content ratings / GARM
    • For use by our Enterprise customers with access to brand safety & suitability, contextual categories, and named entities
  • Enhancement question
    • Want something we don't have? Please tell us what you need and we'll let the product team know.
  • Other

Step 3

Fill in the details and click "Send a message". We'll try to respond within a few hours..

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