How to get Your Podcast on Amazon Alexa

If your podcast is currently on iTunes, Google Podcasts or TuneIn, your podcast will automatically be able to be played on Amazon Alexa / Echo.

If you would like to get more sophisticated and offer a "Flash Briefing" for your podcast to listeners that opt into receiving them from you, you can develop an Alexa skill by following the below steps. (Note, a podcast flash briefing is best for those podcasts that tend to have episodes less than 10 minutes in length but longer episodes can also play)

Once you've completed the below steps and have been approved, here's how people will be able to listen to your podcast via Amazon Echo or Alexa.

  1. Users ask, "Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?"
  2. The latest episode of your podcast starts playing automatically if Amazon Echo users have selected it to be part of this daily update.

Steps to Add A Flash Briefing for Your Podcast

  1. Create an Amazon Alexa Developer account.
  2. Find Alexa Skill set and select "Create Skill"
  3. Select Flash Briefing and in "Skill name" field enter the name of your podcast

  4. Select "Create Skill"
  5. Enter "[PODCAST NAME] is not available at this time" in the Custom Error Message.
  6. Click "Add new feed" and enter your podcast's feed information on the "Configuration" page.
    1. The "Preamble" is what plays before Amazon Echo plays your podcast. It lets listeners know the subject of your podcast and your podcast's name. "In Podcasting News by" is the preamble for This Week In Podcasting.
    2. Name = the name of your podcast
    3. Genre = The category
    4. Feed: Enter your RSS feed
      1. To find your Sounder RSS Feed
        1. Login to
        2. Select "Manage Podcast" > Copy RSS Link

    5. The type of content is "audio."
    6. Feed Icon = the image to be shown within the Flash Briefing settings in Amazon's Alexa app (512 x 512 pixel PNG (can include transparency) or JPG file that represents this feed.)

  7. Click "Save"
  8. Select "Distribution" from top header
    1. Fill out "Public Name:
    2. Fill out "One Sentence Description"
    3. Fill out "Detailed Description"
    4. Add a "Small Skill icon" 
    5. Add a "Large Skill icon"
      1. Save and Continue

  9. Fill out "Privacy & Compliance" Section
  10. Validation - Select "Run"
  11. After validation is successful, click on "Submission" and "Submit for Review"
    1. You will get a notice like this:

  12. Sit back and wait for your new Amazon Skill to be approved.
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