How to Add a New Show from Scratch

Sounder makes it easy to add a new show from scratch. Please follow the below steps to get a new show live on Sounder.

  1. Login to your Sounder account
  2. Select New Show
  3. Select "Create"
  4. Give your podcast a name, select the language and tell us if the show is explicit or not.
  5. Select "Next" and the foundation for your new show is added.
  6. Before adding a new episode, make sure you update the below fields for your show page:
    1. Upload a show image
      1. Images must be larger than 1400 x 1400 pixels. .jpeg, .jpg and .png image formats only!
    2. Add a description for your show
    3. Add your email address under contact information
  7. On the left hand side, select the RSS feed icon
      1. Update the below information to make sure your RSS feed is valid for distribution
        1. Add the Author name
        2. Add at least one Apple Podcast Category
        3. Update Owner Name and Owner Email
        4. Click the Save Button located on the top right of your page
  8. Now add your first episode
  9. Select the plus button so you can add your first episode
  10. Upload your audio for your first episode
    1. Add additional episode details
      1. Select Continue
  11. Wait a few minutes for your entire audio to be uploaded to our servers
  12. Once loaded, go into the episode by clicking on the episode.
  13. Complete the episode by adding the below info:
      1. Add an episode photo
      2. Add an episode description
      3. Click Save

Congratulations! You have just added your first show and episode. You can hit the play button to hear how your awesome episode sounds.

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