Common Sounder Questions

How much does Sounder cost?

Nothing.  That’s right, until you hit 5,000+ streams per month, hosting on Sounder is completely free.  We also threw in our transcription services for free, too. That’s right, you can host all of your content and transcribe every episode without charge.Once you hit 5k streams/month, you’re ready to upgrade to Sounder Plus, which is now available for only $12.99/month.  It has all the amazing features of Basic with a ton more, like Unlimited Podcasts, up to 4 Collaborators, Automatic Distribution to YouTube, and Customizable Sounder Player, just to name a few.  More information here: What is Sounder Plus?  

Does Sounder own my podcast and intellectual property?

No! Your content is 100% owned by you. We are here to help you grow your community and publish your best work.

Is my data safe with Sounder?

Data security is a top concern for the team. With Sounder, your password is encrypted and all data is stored using Amazon Web Services. When you delete anything on your Sounder account, it’s a hard delete—meaning we don’t save any information you don’t want on your account.

How does the RSS Feed work?

An RSS Feed is how your podcast gets shared with the world. It’s a file that automatically updates information. In our case, it updates your podcast and episodes. When you host your podcast on Sounder, you receive your own Sounder RSS Feed that you can use to share your podcast with popular podcast players (such as Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, or TuneIn).  See the article Tips to Make Your Free Podcast RSS Feed Successful for more information. 

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