Updates to Your Podcast & Episode Webpages

What did you change about my URL structure?

We reorganized the way your URL displays your podcast and episode name.

Before June 2020, your URL structure looked something like this: https://twip.sounder.fm/show/this-week-in-podcasting-twip

After this update, it will look like this: https://this-week-in-podcasting-twip.sounder.fm

The old URL will automatically redirect to your new URL.

Why did you change my URL structure?

We changed it for a few reasons. First, we wanted to improve your brand recognition. Now when you share an episode, your podcast name and episode title are clear. Second, we wanted to optimize your ranking in search results so more people can discover your podcast. Third, we wanted to provide a better structure for creators with multiple shows. 

Is my RSS Feed staying the same?

Yes. Your RSS Feed will be changing to this new structure:


Your old feed will automatically redirect to this new feed. There is no action you need to take—all of your listeners will move to your new feed.

Will there be a lag or change in uploading content to the listener platforms I’m connected to?

No. We’ve put an RSS redirect in place to automatically update your listener partners and platforms.

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