Podcast Migration FAQs

Is there a maximum amount of content I can host on Sounder?

Nope! With Sounder, you can upload unlimited content with a maximum episode file size of 2 GB all for free until your podcast reaches 5,000 streams per month.

Does migrating my podcast to Sounder mean I'll have to use a new RSS Feed?

Yes, when you migrate over to Sounder, we will provide you with a new (and free!) Sounder RSS Feed.

Given I’m migrating my podcast, how can I be sure none of my content will be lost?

During the importing process, nothing is changing with your old hosting platform’s RSS Feed. All of your content is safe. Plus during import, Sounder checks to make sure your podcast (and episodes) have a title, description, and that all required fields for each episode have values associated with them. If not, we will identify those episodes so you can re-upload them after the migration is complete so that nothing is lost.

Will I lose podcast subscribers if I migrate over to Sounder?

You will not lose any subscribers if you set up an RSS redirect on your old hosting provider. To learn more about how to set up a redirect on your old hosting provider, please check out help articles here

My distribution links aren’t working. Did the migration break my syndication flows?

Please check the specifics of the migration from your previous provider, or reach out to support@sounder.fm.

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