What is the Sounder Player?

The Sounder Player is an audio player that allows you to embed your podcast and episodes on your blog or website (similar to embedded YouTube videos). You can also share it on your social networks. Historically, players for audio have not advanced in design, function, or technology. The Sounder Player is feature-rich and is what the audio player should have been in the first place.

What features does the Sounder Player have?

With our player, your audience has access to all of the standard functionality—skip, scrub, share, embed—and so much more:

  • In-Stream Audio Search — Your listeners can search for topics, interests, people or keywords they care about in an episode (or across all of your podcast’s episodes) so they can engage with the content that matters most.
  • Soundbite Audio Share — You have between 5-15 minutes to hook a new listener. Create and share the best moments of an episode with your community, helping you grow your audience.

Closed Captioning — With free speech-to-text recognition, it’s never been easier to create a blog post based on an episode, write compelling episode notes, market your podcast to new audiences, or create compelling videos of your episode with accurate subtitles.

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