How do I embed the Sounder Player on a website?

To embed the player on a website or blog that supports HTML code, click the right-facing arrow on the top row of the player.

Then, click the button on the bottom that says  "Soundbite Audio Share." 

Then, click the button on the bottom that says  “<> Embed.”  

Final Step: after clicking the Copy Code button, the embed code for the Sounder Player gets copied to the clipboard.  Now just paste the code on your website/blog!

You can also share the player with your social networks by clicking any of the “Share via” icons to the right of the “<> Embed” button. 

Can I choose the fixed width and height for my player?

Editing or altering the predefined embed code for the Sounder Player can have unpredictable results, so we can't guarantee that the Player will work as expected. 
For example, the player may not expand and the transcription isn’t visible if you change the player width and height code.

Feel free to contact our support team ( and we’ll see if we can help.

Can I customize the look?

Yes!  Basic users can choose from three themes:  Sounder Classic, Daylight, and Midnight.  Sounder Plus and Enterprise subscribers can choose from an additional ten more predefined themes, and they can also customize the colors.  Details can be found here: How do I customize the Sounder Player themes and colors?

Can I post it on social media?

Yes! You can share your player easily to social networks using our built-in share functionality.

Why is it beneficial to have a player on my website?

If a new listener lands on your website, the Sounder Player allows them to engage with just one click.

Can people easily listen to the player on their phone?

Yes, the player is compatible with all smartphones. The player will continue until it’s paused or closed. Listeners also have the freedom to close and lock their phones without interference.

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