How do I distribute (add RSS Feed) to listening apps like Apple, Spotify, and others?

Sounder helps you distribute your podcast to many listening apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio,Pandora,TuneIn, Amazon Music, Deezer, PlayerFM, Podchaser, Overcast, Pocket Casts, TuneIn, Castbox, and RadioPublic. 

While you can add your RSS feed to any podcast app that accepts RSS feeds, head to the Distribute tab and follow the instructions in the Settings for each app.  

The Distribute tab helps you do two things:

  1. Distribute your RSS feed to listening platforms
    First and foremost, it guides you through the process of distributing your RSS feed. 

    If your podcast is new - i.e. not yet on Apple, Spotify, etc. - then you need to add or claim your show in each of your listening platform accounts, such as Apple Podcasts Connect or Spotify For Podcasters.  You will need your Sounder RSS Feed url to do this (it's on the Distribute tab for you to copy).  Each platform has its own process, so follow the link provided in the Settings. There are a lot of services listed on the Distribute tab, but don't worry, you don't need to do them all at once.  Apple, Spotify, and Google typically have the most listeners, so we recommend doing them first (this may vary based on your location).

    Don't have an account yet on the listening apps?  You'll need to sign up for each service first, then add your RSS feed once you're signed up.

    If you've imported your podcast, in most cases you already distributed your podcast to the listening platforms on your old podcast host.  Once you've set the 301 redirect on your old hosting provider, the listening platforms will learn that your RSS feed has moved to Sounder.  After the 301 redirect is live, there's no other action required to distribute your RSS feed to the listening apps.
  2. Add the unique link to your show to the Distribute tab settings for each service
    Adding this link in the Distribute tab settings will connect your show on each listening platform to your Sounder sharing tools on the webpage and embed player.  This step makes it easy for your listeners to find your show on the platform of their choice. For example:

    On the embed player
    On the webpage:
    Here's an example of our Vocal podcast's unique link on Spotify:

    Copy the link to your podcast for that app and paste it into the Settings.  Done!

If there’s a different platform you want to share your podcast on, then please let us know at

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