Why are there ads on my episode and show pages?

Why are there ads on my show page?

We’re dedicated to keeping our podcast tools totally free of charge, which allows us to give everyone a voice. The occasional ad helps us do that.

Can I get rid of them?

Yes! To remove ads from your show page, sign up for our Plus subscription plan. 

Do they cost me or my audience anything?

Nope. Unless you click through and manually purchase something from the ad, they are at no cost to you or your audience.

Can I customize them?

The ads you and your audience see are based on Google's ad serving.

Okay, but how can I make money?

We believe that artists should get paid for their work! Coming soon, we will be offering all creators the opportunity to monetize each episode with host-read ads and more. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at support@sounder.fm

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