My podcast is importing! What do I do now?

Once we’ve processed your audio files, it is important you follow the steps below.

Important Immediate Next Steps to Complete Your Podcast Import:

  1. Redirect your RSS Feed from your old host to your new Sounder RSS Feed. Click here to learn how.
  2. If you want the subscribe button to show on your Sounder Webpage and Sounder Player for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and/or TuneIn, please be sure to add those links into your Sounder account by following the steps below.
    1. Login to your Sounder account
    2. Click on "Manage Podcast"
    3. Scroll down to "Distribution & Social Channels"
    4. Where applicable, add your Apple podcast, Google Podcast, etc URL to these fields


Once added, this is what the subscribe button will look like on your podcast webpage and player:

Podcast Webpage:

Sounder Player:

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