mRSS Feed and Intro/Outro

The mRSS Feed (Also known as Media RSS) adds an RSS extension that adds several enhancements to RSS enclosures, and is used for syndicating multimedia files (audio, video, image) in RSS feeds.

Sounder Plus creators can enable this feature by going to "Apps" and selecting "mRSS Feed"

This enhancement allows you to add two additional audio files to your current RSS feed. One for an Intro and one for an Outro.

The Intro/Outro is only currently available to serve on your Sounder Podcast Page. Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others currently skip these enclosures but may add them in the future.

This feature allows you to add a quick audio file upload for an Intro and Outro that can run across all of your episodes.

For Intro:

You can add a 2-5 second pre-recorded clip as an intro to each episode.

For Outro:

You can add a 10 second pre-recorded clip as an outro to each episode.

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