What is episode linking?

Episode linking allows you to set your ideal landing page when listeners share any of your podcast's episodes from the Sounder Player. This link will also be referenced when certain podcast listening apps (such as Apple Podcasts) share an "Episode Webpage" link in the details page of any episode.

Where Episode Linking Impacts

The Sounder Player

Said differently, when you share a given episode from the Sounder Player, all of the links associated with the icons in the "Share via" section will correspond with the link you set in the episode linking field (located on the Episode Info page). 

To set the Episode Linking option, go the the episode you'd like to manage and look open the "More Options" at the bottom of the page.

In the Episode Linking section, choose an option:

Episode Page: Send your listener to your Sounder Episode Webpage. Example: https://thebigexit.sounder.fm/episode/justin-alanis-rentlytics

Podcast Webpage: Send your listener to your Sounder Podcast Webpage. Example: https://thebigexit.sounder.fm/

Full Screen Sounder Player: Send your listener to a fullscreen webpage with the Sounder Player.

Custom Destination: Send your listener to a webpage of your choice by inputting the URL where you want them to go.  We recommend embedding the Sounder Player on this webpage so that, when listeners click this link, the page will automatically scroll to the Sounder Player and begin playing the episode. To learn more about how to embed an episode on a webpage, click here

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