How to Insert Ad Breaks

Inserting Ad Breaks in Back Catalogue

  1. Once you’re logged into your Sounder podcast management dashboard, click on the Monetization tab from the menu to the left. 
  2. Select your country of residence. Note: We currently support payments to Stripe-supported countries. We recommend connecting a Stripe account after enabling monetization but it's not required to move forward with inserting ad breaks and generating revenue. 
  3. Toggle on Enable Monetization and then click on Go to Settings.
  4. The resulting screen is the Monetization home screen that lists all episodes available to monetize. 
  5. In the module, Automatically Insert Pre-Roll and Post-Roll, click Configure Ads. 
  6. In the module, Episodes, select the Pre-Roll and Post-Roll checkboxes to insert pre- and post-roll ad breaks for all existing episodes and then click Save. You also have the option of inserting only pre-roll or only post-roll across all episodes listed. 
  7. To insert new or edit existing ad breaks for individual episodes, locate the specific episode in the Monetizable Episodes module or use the search box. Click Manage or on the title of the episode to navigate to its monetization setting.
  8. If there are existing ad breaks, you can modify those settings by clicking on the setting wheels under Manage. 
  9. Under Configure Your Ad Break, you can update the number of ads returned in the ad break under Quantity and adjust the time the ad break plays under Ad Break Start Time. To find the exact location to insert the audio ad break, use the Sounder player to preview your episode. 
  10. Click Save Ad. 
  11. If there are no existing ad breaks, click on the Configure Ads button.
  12. In the resulting module, select the type of ad break you want to insert. You have three options:
    1. Pre-roll - Plays at the very beginning of your episode
    2. Mid-roll - Plays anywhere in the middle of your episode that you set
    3. Post-roll - Plays at the very end of your episode
  13. After selecting the ad type, select the number of ads you would like to play during that single ad break. For each ad type, you can opt to allow up to two unique audio ads to play within a single ad break.
  14. Enter the timestamp at which the audio ad break should begin to play. 
  15. Click Save Ad to save the ad configuration.

Inserting Ad Breaks in Future Episodes

  1. Click on Monetization from the left-side navigation.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to insert pre-roll and post-roll ads into all episodes. 
  3. Update the number of ads you want to be inserted per ad break in the Quantity fields.
  4. Click Save for All Future Episodes.
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