How to get your Podcast on Amazon Music/Audible

Amazon Music and Audible have started supporting Podcasting. Sounder is working on an integration with Amazon but in the meantime, you can manually add your podcast to Amazon Music/Audible via this link. We'll walk you through the steps to take in this article:

1. Read through their Terms of Service and hit Next

2. Select the amount of podcasts you wish to submit at once

3. Add the name and RSS Feed URL of your podcast (you can find these when you log in to the Sounder Platform at the top of the "Manage Podcast" Page)

4. Next, it will ask you for general information about who you are, where your podcast is hosted and who your main target audience is. Please note that it's critical to fill in the email that corresponds with the Podcast Public Email you have filled in when you started hosting your Podcast with Sounder. You can find this under the same "Manage Podcast" page as referenced earlier in this post. You'll also need to agree to their Content License Agreement, which we recommend you read through fully before you accept it.

5. Woohoo. Done! Amazon Music/Audible will review it on their end and will be in touch with you through the email you filled in a step earlier (the "Podcast Public Email"). We don't have a great estimation on how long this process takes yet, unfortunately.

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