Monetization FAQ

Most frequently asked questions

Activating Monetization

How do I activate Monetization?

You can activate Monetization by going to our Monetization page that you can find in our main navigation. Alternatively, you can find it by going to Apps and then selecting Monetization. You will need to create or connect an existing Stripe account to continue with Monetization activation. 

Prior to enabling Monetization, be sure to check out our Terms of Service here.

How do I make a Stripe account?

Our Monetization suite is available to all Sounder users in countries Stripe supports. You can view a list of support countries here

Under the monetization module, select Connect via Stripe. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your Stripe account. Please note that Stripe requires you to enter account details several times as part of security safety measures. Be sure to complete the full account creation process to enable Monetization.

Once your Stripe account is created or connected it may take a couple minutes for verification to complete. Once verification is complete, ensure the toggle is switched on for Monetization is Enabled. Either click on the Monetize Your Content button or navigate to the Monetization page from main navigation.

When will monetization be available in other countries?

We're working on providing additional payment options in the future to support countries that aren't currently supported by Stripe. Check back soon for updates!

Why am I entering bank account details during the Stripe account creation process? 

We will make payments to your Stripe account which then enables the ability for you to transfer payments to your bank account. Sounder does not store any of this information. We will be providing the ability to update and change your Stripe account details in the future. 

My Stripe account is set to "Rejected". How do I resolve this?

Please contact Stripe support directly by emailing You can also contact Stripe by logging into your Stripe Connect Dashboard. Due to the sensitivity of Stripe account information, Sounder is unable to contact Stripe on your behalf.

What happens if I enable monetization without first connecting a Stripe account?

You have the ability to enable monetization prior to connecting a Stripe account, and can generate revenue. You will have a year from the date of enabling monetization to connect a Stripe account to receive payouts. If you don't connect a Stripe account within a year of enabling monetization, then you could possibly forfeit your earned revenue. 

I no longer want to Monetize my podcast with Sounder. How do I deactivate this functionality?

You can always disable Monetization by going to Apps > Monetization. Please be aware that this instantly starts the process of turning Monetization capabilities off and results in your Podcast no longer generating any revenue through Sounder ad breaks.

Inserting Ad Breaks

How do I insert ad breaks into my podcast episodes?

View this article for step-by-step instructions to enter ad breaks into your podcast episodes. 


When will I get my balance paid out?

You are eligible to receive payments on the 15th of each month once you achieve the minimum total earned revenue threshold of $100. If after 6 months you have not met the minimum payment threshold you will be paid out on the 15th of the following month. 

I met the $100 threshold and it's the 15th of the month, but I still don't see my funds reflected in my bank account. 

It can take up to three business days for your money to be in your bank account after we paid it out from Stripe. If it appears to take longer please reach out to your bank and we're always here to help you figure it out.

I see that funds deposited to my account are in USD. Can I get a different currency?

At the moment we're only able to deposit payments in USD. You have the option to deposit converted funds into your bank account through Stripe. 

I want to change my Stripe account. How does that work?

We'll be providing the ability to change your Stripe account in the future. Stay tuned! If you need more immediate support, please reach out to us.

How do I see my invoices?

We make payments to your Stripe account so you can always view copies of payment receipts by logging directly into your Stripe account.

Revenue Data

How can I see monetization analytics?

Visit the Analytics page to view more details about ads that delivered in your podcast. Scroll to the module labeled Ad Impressions. From this module you can view revenue delivery per day and the type of ad it delivered against. Keep watching this space as we continue to roll out more monetization analytics updates to provide you with even more data. 

Where can I see how much revenue I have earned?

Visit the Monetization page to view more details about your total earned revenue and impressions delivered. You can see revenue generated per week, current month, and all time total. For each time frame you will also see the number of ad impressions delivered. 

How is my current balance calculated?

You current balance is the total earned revenue delivered on your podcast after any payout on the 15th. 

I think my current balance is incorrect. What do I do?

If you believe your current balance is incorrect or you have any questions about it, please reach out to us.

I have a lot more questions but I don't see them reflected here?

We're building Monetization together with our Creators. If something is unclear then please let us know and we'll add your questions and our answers here for all our Creators.

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