How Programmatic Advertising Works

How long does it take to hear audio ads on my podcast?

Once you've inserted your ad breaks, it may take a day or two for your podcast to create inventory on the open marketplace where buyers will begin bidding on your inventory and ads to begin serving. Keep in mind that once ad breaks are inserted, inventory is created by listeners streaming or downloading your podcast. Be sure to use Sounder's Discovery Suite to grow your audience and generate more inventory. 

Please keep in mind that adding numerous ad breaks won't necessarily increase the inventory on your podcast. We recommend 3 ad breaks for every 30 minutes of content. 

How does the ad inventory buying process work?

It's an automated bidding process in which buyers bid for inventory based on a number of variables such as category, geographic location of the listener, and more. 

How can I see the advertisers that deliver on my podcast?

At the moment we don't have the ability to provide advertiser delivery details. We plan to make this feature available soon.

How do I know my podcast won't serve any objectionable advertisers?

We have set rules to ensure that advertisers from objectionable categories are prevented from delivering on Sounder podcasts. If you believe an objectionable ad served on your podcast please reach out to us.

Why don't I hear an ad each time I play an episode?

There are a number of factors at play that determine when ads will serve. Advertisers will buy a set amount of impressions to deliver against specific targets and that delivery is often set to deliver evenly over a period of time. When listeners play your podcast will determine when they receive an ad. If the advertiser's campaign is delivering as expected and does not need to serve additional impressions at the moment the listener is playing an episode, an ad may not serve. The more you grow your listenership, the more inventory available to advertisers, and increased demand will build.

Can I set a minimum floor price at which an advertiser can deliver on my podcast?

At the moment we don't offer this capability but hope to include it in the future. 

I have a lot more questions but I don't see them reflected here?

We're building Monetization together with our Creators. If something is unclear then please let us know and we'll add your questions and our answers here for all our Creators.

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