How to replace audio

Uploaded your Podcast Episode and later find out that there was some error in the recording somewhere, or after listening to the episode you had another idea on how to improve the episode? Fear not, Replace Audio is here. Click Replace Audio, upload your new recording and the audio file will magically be replaced.

How it works

Login to the Sounder Platform and manage your Episode as you usually would. At the top of the page you will then see a button that states "Replace Audio". Click on that button, upload the desired audio file and save. That's all there is to it!

What about my Analytics?

Nothing gets lost! If you had 200 streams of your episode before you changed out the audio, then your streams count continues right after you replaced your audio.

What about Monetization?

The updated audio can have impact on the mid-roll spots you have already established and so, to be sure your listeners get to hear ads on the exact spot you intended, we will pause monetization for that specific episode and we'll redirect you to Episode Monetization right after replacing audio, so you can setup mid-rolls again. Your pre-roll and post-roll ads will, of course, be saved for you

What is the maximum audio file size?

We accept audio files up to 2GB in size.  However, the bigger the file, the longer it takes to upload.  To keep the size down, consider exporting in .mp3 format (which Spotify requires anyway).  

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