What Is Sounder Plus?

Whether you're a podcast hobbyist or an enterprise publisher, we have a plan for you.

With Sounder Plus you get everything from our generous Basic offering, but you'll also get:

  • Host unlimited Podcasts
  • Up to 50K Streams/mo
  • Ad-Free Podcast and Episode Webpages
  • Analytics Plus
  • Customizable Sounder Player
  • Video & Audio Share
  • One-click Distribution to YouTube
  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis
  • Custom Domains
  • Support within 24h

Sound like a fit for you? Upgrade to Sounder Plus. Want to learn more about each new Plus feature? Here are the specifics.

Host Unlimited Podcasts
On a Sounder Basic subscription, you can host one podcast. But we know your creativity is endless! With a Sounder Plus subscription, the amount of podcasts you can create or migrate to Sounder is unlimited. This is perfect for a podcast network looking to change hosting platforms. Even better, you can bring all your podcasts over and even add them together as an Organization so you can manage them with your team.

Up To 50K Streams Per Month
Sounder Plus gives you the space for 50,000 streams across all of your podcast episodes per month. If you grow, we'll grow with you. You can reach out to hear more about our Enterprise plans, which is the next step up from Plus.

Create An Organization + Invite Your Team
One of our newest features is Organizations, a user management functionality that lives in the account settings of the Sounder Dashboard. Organizations allows a podcast team to collaborate on one or multiple podcasts, all in one secure workspace. This stops the need from having to share accounts with others and just gives you a lot more flexibility and security.

The difference between Sounder Basic and Sounder Plus organizations, is the number of team members you can invite to collaborate. With Sounder Basic, you can invite one team member to collaborate. With Sounder Plus, you get four.  We wrote a pretty good explainer here.

Custom Domain Support
We give every Sounder creator a free .sounder.fm domain (so it would look like, yourPodcast.sounder.fm) to use as the home for your Podcast Webpage and RSS Feed. But as you grow your podcast you may want to brand your podcast, which includes adding your own domain, removing the Sounder branding (so it would look like yourPodcast.com).  Once you're upgraded to Sounder Plus, then shoot us an email to our Support mentioning the desired URL and we'll get it figured out for you.

Unlimited RSS Imports
Bringing over your podcast from another host? You’re in good company! We’ve helped many podcasters migrate, which has helped us understand what’s needed and wanted in this process. All plans can automatically import an RSS (with up to 100 episodes). But with a Sounder Plus subscription, you get to import unlimited episodes. Do you have 100+ episodes? We have the tools in place to help you bring them over.

Private Podcasts
Perhaps your Podcast is not ready for prime-time just yet and you want to only share it with a couple of people. With our Private Podcasting feature, you can set your podcast to private and add a password, making it secure.

RSS Sync
Don’t worry about re-uploading your episodes after migrating. With Sounder Plus, you can keep every new episode uploaded elsewhere in sync with Sounder.

Ad-Free Podcast and Episode Webpages
We offer beautiful, free podcast and episode websites for all of our creators. For our Sounder Plus users, we remove the ads and our Sounder Branding to highlight your individual podcast brand.

Transcriptions Plus
Our Sounder Basic Transcriptions are pretty great, but Sounder Plus users get the next step up, which includes even more accurate wording, spelling, and grammar. This is huge for recycling audio content into blogs, newsletters, social posts, and more. You'll see the embedded transcriptions for your podcast improved dramatically once you upgrade to Sounder Plus.

Analytics Plus
Data and analytics are everything to a podcaster big or small. We get that! In building our analytics tools, we made sure they cover everything to help you understand your audience and success. We can tell you what devices your listeners are tuning in from, where they listen, how long, and more.

One step further, if you use the Sounder Player or Podcast Webpages, we'll even be able to tell you what your listeners have been searching for in your podcasts. All of this helps you narrow down what your listeners are responding to.

Automatic Distribution to YouTub
Automatically publish every future episode to YouTube, allowing your podcast to expand to new audiences. Did you know that in the last year 43% of podcast listeners said they listened to a podcast on YouTube? That makes YouTube a goldmine for growing your audience. Link to full article

Transform your episodes into transcription-powered video clips that enable you to connect and engage with audiences on visual-first social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Link to full article

Episode Description Analysis
Producing episodes is hard work, and creating the right descriptions can be even more challenging. Sounder Plus does some of the thinking for you with AI-generated keyword analysis based on your episode’s content.  Link to full article

RSS Feed Tags
The same keywords that help improve the episode description can also be used in the RSS feed at the podcast and per-episode level.  While different platforms and apps leverage keywords in different ways (for example, iTunes/Apple no longer supports it), it’s another tool to maximize the discoverability of your content.  Link to full article

Sounder Player Personalization
Let your podcast’s personality shine by customizing the design of your Sounder Player. Whether you choose from one of 10 themes or make your own, you can control the overall visual experience. Link to full article

So that’s Sounder Plus!  We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from growing podcasters that upgrading helped them grow their audience, produce more content, and make more money from their passion. Follow in their footsteps;  take advantage of these amazing features and our new pricing plan and upgrade to Sounder Plus!

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