Automatically Publish to Spotify

What is the automatic publish to Spotify capability? 

We’ve added the ability for you to automatically publish your newly-updated podcasts directly to Spotify. Create your podcast, publish it, and then log in to Spotify for Podcasters to claim your show.

Who does this capability affect? 

Sounder will automatically publish brand new shows uploaded to your account. 

Will my redirected RSS feed automatically get published to Spotify? 

No, this capability will not automatically publish any shows that previously existed on other hosting platforms. It is highly possible that your show already exists on Spotify in that case. 

What if I still need to add a redirected RSS feed to Spotify?

View our support article here that will walk you through publishing your existing feed to Spotify.

Will I be able to see Spotify streaming data within the Analytics tab of my Sounder account?

Currently you still have to log into Spotify for Podcasters to view your Spotify specific show data. We’re working on exposing this data in your Sounder account in the future. 

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