Promoting your podcast on social media just got waaaay easier. With Videobites, you can transform episodes into video clips right in your Sounder dashboard. No more transcribing by hand or fumbling with image sizes, we’ll deal with all the details for you.

Here’s how

  • First visit the Share page on the Sounder Platform ⤵️

  • Then scroll down the page and click the “Create a Videobite”-button ⤵️

  • Select the episode you want to base your Videobite on and click Next

  • You'll now be in the Length & Title screen. Here you give your Videobite a title so you can easily find it back later and you can select the start and end time of your Videobite. Tip: Use the embedded Sounder Player to preview the start and end time so you're sure you're making a videobite of the perfect moment. ⤵️

  • You'll now be in the Transcript step. Here you can choose to include or exclude transcriptions. Please note transcriptions are currently only supported for English podcasts. If your podcast is in another language then you will still be able to make Videobites, just without transcriptions embedded into them. When you're satisfied then click Next ⤵️

  • You'll now be in the final step, where we pick our Aspect Ratio. Choose the Format that will look best on the platform where you’re posting:
    • Landscape: best for YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo and WhatsApp
    • Square: best for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
    • Portrait: best for Instagram Stories, Snapchat, TikTok and Lomotif. 

Click “Create Videobite” beneath the preview.

    • You’ll get a confirmation pop-up. You're all done! An Email will be sent to you when the Videobite is ready to be shared

Once your new Videobite has finished processing, click the Download button to view the clip. You'll then be able to share this wherever you can share videos! 

You’re ready to go!  

Best Practices:

  • Start small. Try using a compelling snippet in one format to test its ability to draw listeners in to hear the full episode.  
  • Edit the transcription (another reason to start small. Lengthy snippets take more time to edit)

Known Issues & Limitations:

  • It could be that in earlier versions of Videobites (specifically those created on April 28th, 2021) had an issue where no sound was embedded in the video. This issue is resolved, but you'll have to make a new Videobite (using the steps mentioned above) to generate a Videobite with sound
  • Found any other issues? Please let us know.

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