Megaphone Integration - Getting Started

Getting Started with Sounder Audio Insights Dashboard for Megaphone

This integration is for Megaphone customers that want to user's Sounder's advanced Brand Suitability and Contextual targeting tools in Megaphone orders.

The benefits include:

  • Precise targeting for advertising partners. 
  • Open mid- to long-tail inventory for monetization with contextual targeting at the episode level.
  • Streamline the workflow needed to support ad operations.

How it works:

  1. Sounder connects to your Megaphone account by API.

  2. Sounder processes the podcasts and episodes in your Megaphone account that you want to monetize.
    • You can exclude entire networks and/or limit how far into the back catalog you want go.

  3. Once we have your data, we will provide access to the Audio Insights Dashboard
    1. Once your initial account owners have access, you can self-manage your team from the dashboard Settings tab. Add and remove users, or change their level of access.
    2. With help from Sounder support, you can tailor permissions so only select users can create tags in Megaphone. We support:
      1. Dashboard only access. Users can view and filter data, but not create Tags
      2. Dashboard + Tag Creation. User can view and filter data, and create Megaphone tags.

  4. In the Dashboard, self-manage creating and deleting tags that push to Megaphone as Advertising Tags
    1. Use GARM brand suitability, IAB contextual topics, and Named Entities data to create “Advertising Tags” for targeting orders in Megaphone (full inclusion & exclusion)
    2. Target your Megaphone orders with the Advertising Tags you've created

Getting access

Contact us if you are a Megaphone customer (or thinking about becoming one), and want to learn more.

Onboarding steps:

  1. Connect the accounts. To allow Sounder to connect to Megaphone, please provide:
    • API Token: an API token can be generated in the Megaphone app in the User Details.
      • The token must be created by a user with the Organization Admin user type, as the API needs to have access to all networks and podcasts in the organization.
    • Megaphone Organization Id: This id megaphone
    • Optionally, you can provide Sounder with a Megaphone UI login so that we can manage the creation API Authorization Token, and more easily troubleshoot any issues.
  2. Schedule an onboarding call. We set up the integration and schedule an initial onboarding call to get your team up to speed quickly
  3. Start creating tags. Get familiar with tag creation and determine internal workflows, including inventory avails. Consider creating a House campaign to test delivery.
    1. We're here to help. Brainstorm with our account management team on how Sounder's solution can be used to respond to your clients' RFPs and targeting needs.
  4. Go-to-Market. Work with your Sales, Sales Support, and Ad Ops teams on go-to-market positioning and training materials
  5. Jointly agree on the process for billing. Options include:
    • Sounder's tracking pixel: this can be assigned to Megaphone orders and we'll invoice you with this data.
    • Manual Billing: Send us Megaphone campaign/order reports for campaigns using our tags and we'll invoice you. Sounder will remind you to send us a Megaphone campaign delivery report six (6) business days after the end of the previous month.
  6. Sell and schedule a targeted campaign!
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