Megaphone Integration - Features Overview

Features Overview

Unlock the value of your full catalog of podcast inventory with Sounder's Audio Insights dashboard – the AI-powered, end-to-end audio intelligence platform built for the entire audio ecosystem. Create brand-safe & suitable, contextually relevant advertising tags in Megaphone with unmatched precision that meet your advertising partners’ needs.

The Audio Insights dashboard has two main components:

  • The dashboard itself, where you can browse and filter your content by show or episode across multiple dimensions. See this article for more information about the abbfeatures.

  • The Integrations tab, where where you can create and manage advertising tags you push to Megaphone.

Integrations Tab

The Megaphone integration allow you to find the episodes

  • With the API key and login information that you provide, the Sounder team will configure and test the integration between your Megaphone account and the Audio Insights dashboard. (Self-service onboarding is coming soon)
  • Once you have registered, access the Integrations tab is in the menu under your profile avatar in the upper-right hand corner of the app.
  • Click on your avatar, and then "Integrations"
The Integrations menu is under your avatar in the upper right corner of the app
The Integrations menu is under your avatar in the upper right corner of the app

Tag creation

  • Overview. With the Integrations page open, use the Create Tag button to filter your inventory and create your first tag.

    Create a tag with the query builder
    Create a tag with the query builder
        1. Click the Create Tag button
        2. Enter the name of the tag, e.g. "Unrelated and Low Only"
        3. Enter a description (optional), e.g. "Only GARM Unrelated or Low for all categories"
        4. Use the Add Filter button to start adding logical expressions to the tag
        5. Don't forget to click on the Create Tag button under your logic to save the tag
  • Build an expression. Choose one or more dimensions for the filter:
    • GARM (Brand Safety & Suitability categories)
    • IAB (Brand Safety)
    • Named Entities (People, Organizations, Places, etc.)

  • If desired, include complex logic within and across dimensions.
    • Use All or Any to determine how your filters should work together.
    • “All” corresponds to an “And” expression, so all the criteria must be true in order for an episode to be included in the query.
    • “Any” corresponds to an “Or” expression, so any of the criteria may be true for an episode to be included in the query.

      Use "All" and "Any" to include or exclude data in your filter

    • In the example above, the red selection controls the relationship across filters. E.g., in this case, for episodes to be included, the GARM scores for all episodes must be in the defined ranges AND mention "NBA" AND mention at least one of the following: "Nuggets", "Jokic", "Murray" and "Malone".
    • Within the Named Entity filter, the “Any” selection will enable the filter to capture any episode where at least one of those named entities is present.
    • The Duplicate and Delete icons on the right of each filter allow you to quickly build more customized expressions. In the example above, using the Duplicate button makes it easy to keep most of the selections the same, and only requiring the GARM category to be changed.
    • Don’t forget to click the Create Tag button to save the filter and create the tag!


  • There is a 10,000-episode limit for any one tag. This is currently a Megaphone limitation but will be adjusted as Megaphone functionality changes. Tags that exceed the limitation won’t work in Megaphone.
  • You cannot edit tags, only create or delete them. However, you can easily duplicate a tag, edit the new version, and then delete the old one.
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